Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People by Their Empowerment in Nepal


SOLID Nepal is implementing a project on “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People by their Empowerment” supported by Simavi, Netherland. The project is designed to intervene in Illam Municipality and Namsaling, Soyang, Naya Bazar, Pyang, and Jogmai VDCs of the district. Project duration is for 13 Months starting from January 2016 to February 2017.

Project Objective

The main objective of the program is to ‘Improved Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young People in Illam. The program targets to reach the population of about 13000 young people including young brides and their husbands in the intervention cluster. However, other direct beneficiaries will be the parents/in-laws of young people, and community people (about 40,000) at large to whom the program will have the coverage through one-to-one interaction meeting or through other program activities including mass media campaign and culture/days celebrations.

Project Outcomes

The project intervention expects two separate outcomes to take place as a result which will lead to fulfillment of program objective.
  • i. Increased safer sexual behaviors among young.
  • ii. Increased utilization of SRHR services, and economic independence among young people.

Project Activities

    During the project period, these will be the activities:
  • i. Establishment and operation of Youth Information Centers.
  • ii. Media advocacy.
  • iii. Orientation to school principals and SMC members on CSE.
  • iv. Training to teachers on comprehensive sexuality education.
  • v. Sessions on CSE to students at schools.
  • vi. Peer education sessions.
  • vii. Supply of resources on SRHR to schools.
  • viii. Orientation to DHO, HF In-Charge, HFOMC on YFHS.
  • ix. Training to HW on YFHS.
  • x. Strengthening HF for YFHS.
  • xi. Strengthening schools for girls in friendly ways following the safer school model.
  • xii. Mapping of Organization related to livelihood programs.